The topic is not just about the prize.. The British Treasury Secretary announced a few things as part of a strategic plan for artificial intelligence.. and this prize is a small part of it.

This strategy includes investments worth 900 million pounds sterling (which is more than one billion dollars) to build an Exascale Supercomputer, a type of computer that only once existed called the Frontier in America.

This computer will be used in artificial intelligence research and training of large and complex models to achieve what he called “BritGPT” so as not to fall behind the major companies and countries “especially China” in various applications of artificial intelligence.

The second part is the one million pounds prize every year for ten years, which will be called the “Manchester Prize” in honor of the “Manchester Baby” which emerged in 1948 and is considered one of the earliest forms of the computer as we know it today.

The third part of this strategy is the announcement of investments worth 2.5 billion pounds (more than 3 billion dollars) in the field of Quantum Computing over the next ten years.

This strategy thus covers two important axes of the three main pillars on which progress in this field is based.

The first is the axis of the large Computing Power required by artificial intelligence models to achieve results.. It is covered in the short term by building a Super Computer.. and in the long term by investing in quantum computing research.

The second is the axis of algorithms, research, and the models themselves.. which is covered by the Manchester Prize and will be a target for research teams from everywhere.

The plan is ambitious.. the investments are significant.. and the joining of governments with large companies will intensify the race.

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